Asset information


Asset information on companies

The asset information service for legal entities provides information on the actual solvency and turnover of a debtor, prospect, competitor or supplier

Useful for assessing the trustworthiness of a new customer

Allow for informed choice

Available on a single platform

Available at any time and place


Asset information on private persons

The asset information service for natural persons to identify the overall financial situation and thus the solvency of a non-legal entity:

Result of real investigative work

Avoid expensive procedures

Available on asingle platform

Available in any moment and place


Heirs Tracing

The tracing of the heirs is of fundamental importance whenever it is necessary to identify and trace the heirs who have inheritated the assets and therefore the obligations of the deceased.

Identification of heirs even in the absence of information on the place and date of death

Heirs tracing management

Fast turnaround times and high degree of substantiation

Possibility of obtaining information on acceptance or renunciation of inheritance


Mortgage inquiries

The hypocadastral search is an investigation that has the aim of detecting which and how many properties are registered in the name of a natural or legal person in order to verify a “net” real estate ownership and to ascertain the existence of any encumbrances

Useful before starting a commercial transaction on a property

Necessary to identify owned assets in the event of commercial relationships and legal actions

Useful for identifying defects in a building or land

They have legal value and can be used in disputes


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