The most in-depth of the Investigative Reports. Summarizes all information about a natural or legal person in a single document, retrieving information from both publicly accessible databases and unofficial sources, all with in-depth insights from targeted OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) activities.

Open Source Intelligence

Comprehensive and integrated investigative reports

Complete information about private and legal subjects

Insurance anti-fraud dossier, fight against unfair competition, background checks of suppliers, Reputation Due Diligence, selection of strategic executive candidates and many other sensitive activities

Curriculum Check

It is an indispensable tool for recruiters in the selection of candidates. Knowing a candidate’s background thoroughly becomes crucial for many companies. Thanks to the new Intelligence Line service, it is possible to intercept useful information for the purpose of a careful review of the curriculum vitae.

Open Source Intelligence

Customizable pre-employment survey reports

Careful checking of curriculum vitae

Complete information about the candidate

Insurance anti-fraud dossier

Verification of correlations between parties involved in an accident. The correlation verification activity, using OSINT methodology and the use of digital investigation tools, is aimed at detecting any digital or other correlations between the parties involved in a claim.

Open Source Intelligence

Checking and testing of possible insurance fraud

Effective management of the anti-fraud process

Research, acquisition and verification in the event of a crime


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