Business Information

Business information is the core business of Eurocredit Business Information. Solutions and projects tailored to the needs of users, both for the content proposed and for the delivery terms.

  • Investigated business information
  • Pre fido business information
  • MY report
  • Portfolio Check
  • Monitoring
  • Iride
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International Business Information

Eurocredit Business Information’s international reports make it possible to evaluate the commercial reliability, solvency and degree of involvement in companies and corporations with registered offices in countries outside the Italian national territory.

Asset information

Eurocredit Business Information provides information on the financial position of natural or legal persons to enable the overall financial position and the creditworthiness of legal and non-legal persons to be assessed.

  • Asset information of companies
  • Asset Information on natural persons
  • Heirs Tracing
  • Mortgage search
Discover the Eurocredit "Asset Information" service
Discover the Eurocredit "Debt Collection" service

Debt Collection

A complete service for the collection of outstanding claims, modulated according to the credit situation and managed with discretion and sensitivity to the customer/supplier relationship. The service also helps you to understand whether it is advisable to pursue legal action and to obtain legal assistance at reduced costs.

  • Out-of-court Debt Collection
  • Legal Debt Collection
  • International Debt Collection


Up-to-date marketing lists for the search for new customers, including their contacts, official data and data coming from Google Maps and profiled on the basis of parameters chosen by the user. We offer: market analysis, portfolio allocation, potential market analysis, business analysis and personal analysis

  • Datarama
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Get investigated reports complete with all the information of a natural or legal person with the service "Investigations" Eurocredit


Investigative Reports complete with all information concerning a natural or legal person. The service meets every single information need, retrieving information from both publicly accessible databases and unofficial sources, all complemented by in-depth information from targeted OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) activities.

  • Reputational Profile
  • CV Check
  • Insurance fraud investigations


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