Eurocredit Business Information


The longest-established provider of credit information

and debt collection companies in Italy and abroad


Comprehensive services for effective credit management and informed business decisions

The Business Information provided by Eurocredit Business Information helps to make the right decisions in credit management and customer portfolio management.

They allow you to:

  • obtain a competitive advantage in your reference market
  • correctly direct business policy
  • minimise business risk by significantly reducing it


Credit management service

On-demand Connections

By on-demand connections, Eurocredit Business Information collects real-time data updated at the time of the request and delivers Business Information in real time or slightly delayed. Finally, the expert work of Eurocredit Business Information’s editors completes the Business Information and provides the real added value to the information reports delivered

Tradition & Innovation

Over the years, Eurocredit Business Information has been able to adapt to the needs of new users who are increasingly demanding and interested in obtaining diversified information services, with high quality content, aimed at credit and asset protection.
The value of Eurocredit Business Information is to support the development of its users, providing certainty in important business decisions and financial flows, through the right mix of technology and manual skills, tradition and innovation.
The mix of official data (derived from public sources) with data collected through targeted surveys, guarantees access to complete and reliable information, supported by advanced IT tools

Complete, enriched and updated information

Eurocredit Business Information’s range of services provides comprehensive, enriched and constantly updated information. It provides you with all the tools you need to keep your customer portfolio under control and to take action for successful credit management.

User focus and customisation of services

Eurocredit Business Information is an official distributor of Infocamere and holds a regular public security licence. It delivers accurate Business Information (including investigations) to companies, helping entrepreneurs and managers to assess the solvency and financial reliability of customers, prospects and suppliers

Official Data and added value

Eurocredit Business Information data come from Infocamere, Agenzia del Territorio, Agenzia delle Entrate, PRA, etc. about all corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and individuals. Eurocredit Business Information data are value-added because they are processed by Eurocredit Business Information analysts. Eurocredit Business Information produces reports on shareholdings and corporate links of all Italian companies. At Eurocredit Business Information’s clients’ disposal are the official balance sheets of the last 5 years of all corporations, legal events, protests and prejudicial acts on all Italian companies and their exponents

Modular and customised reports

Eurocredit Business Information reports are modular and customisable, so you can acquire the information that is truly useful, value-added and decisive for sound and efficient business development


It is now possible to purchase all popular EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION reports, including investigated reports, directly online, with a few simple clicks, from anywhere in the world and in complete autonomy.

  • information about private persons
  • information about companies
  • commercial information for credit protection, both in Italy and abroad


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