Business Credit Information


Pre-contractual Creditworthiness Check

A sharp and real picture of a company’s current situation with quick screening of customers, prospects, suppliers and competitors and with user-tailored insights. The investigative work is aimed at verifying the actual operation and also to ascertain the current economic situation

Market analysis and potential market analysis



Site inspection


Pre-Credit Business Information

Business Information reports aimed at identifying the real commercial reliability of companies in order to effectively manage the risk of insolvency. Fundamental for the development of the company’s business, with timely and high-quality content

Customized solutions according to users needs

Information on Italian and foreign companies

Reports enriched with all available and correlated Official Data

A wide range of services to meet every needs



The innovative Eurocredit Business Information system to allow users to create your own personalized business information. An intelligent modular system that makes all the modules contained in an information report available to the user

Information reports tailored to your needs

Modular and customizable reporting

Possibility to choose the profiles of the information report

Freedom to by and spend


Portfolio Check

A tool that allows you to know the commercial reliability of your portfolio of customers and/or suppliers, autonomously and in a few simple steps, obtaining the overall portfolio rating with the possibility of monitoring its trend

Customers and/or suppliers portfolio analysis

Identification of the target customer

Credit Scoring to identity the risk rate

Detrimental items monitoring



Eurocredit Business Information’s tool that allows you to constantly monitor the reliability of companies. It Integrates commercial information services dynamically in order to control over time the evaluation originally expressed on the position.

Rea-time situation at any time

Dynamic integration with information services

Email alerts and position history always available

A sentinel service ready to warn at the first negative event detected



The first community for the credit security of companies operating in the agri-food sector which allows all participants to anonymously send reports on bad payers and to consult the position of an entrepreneur or company

Anonymous reports of bad payers

Data Consultation

Full Identikit of each profile

Information protected by anonymity


Official Data

An innovative platform which allows the search of all available official data. Chamber of Commerce world at your disposal.

Chamber of commerce documens, balance, sheets and official deedsSchede società

Company details

Movable and cadastral information

Protests, Mortgages, Bankruptcy proceedings

Accurate Report of Current Business Situations for Informed Business Decisions

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