Origami is the art of folding paper to create creative forms. The best artists succeed in creating incredible objects, thanks to their ability to take on different points of view, added to an extraordinary ability to bend paper in unusual directions, and to an ability to see beyond custom. All this leads them to obtain results denied to others.
With the same philosophy, EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION proposes ORIGAMI, the first Credit Management service that, through targeted and sequential interventions of Soft, Debt and Prelegal Collection, appropriately modulated and customized on the basis of the debtor, the sector, the historical time, and the scenario variables, ensures the creditor those results that other players are usually unable to guarantee.
The origami is made of symmetries, of precise sequences, of mathematical joints between the parts, indispensable to produce the desired result. Recovering credit requires the same approach to achieve the objective effectively.

Not always the preventive activity is sufficient, for this EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION offers ORIGAMI at the same time: a punctual extrajudicial recovery service for unpaid debts.

The EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION solution for building successful Credit Management

ORIGAMI is designed for you who …

you need an all-round service, with a simple formula, reliable results and the serenity of finally global management.

But also for you that …

you have difficulty choosing the most appropriate debt collection service

you don’t want to go deeper into the procedures

you don’t have time to handle too many bills per file

you feel the absence of a consultant who advises and supports you


It is the recommended procedure for the collection of the most recent credits (up to about 90 days of seniority) towards debtors insensitive to reminders promoted directly by the creditor company. SOFT COLLECTION is conducted with the utmost discretion and with due sensitivity to the customer and / or supplier relationship. SOFT COLLECTION reminds the debtor of the deadline, requesting payment. The intervention can be customized, depending on the company policy, and is mainly aimed at collecting the receivables due in the shortest possible time, while maintaining relations with the defaulting customer.

The activity is carried out as follows:

  • Reminder letter (reminder letter)
  • Reminder letter (up to 2 items)
  • Phone Collection (up to 3 calls)

Processing time 30 days


It is the procedure envisaged for the management of problem and / or pre-litigation credits, with aging of more than 3 months, but less than 24 months.

DEBT COLLECTION is characterized by a constant “suasion” action oriented, if necessary, to the reconciliation of accounting complaints and misunderstandings. The intervention can be customized, depending on the company policy.

The activity is carried out as follows:

  • Information report (DOSSIER DEBT COLLECTION)
  • Epistolary reminder (up to 3 items)
  • Phone Collection (telephone activity ends at the end of the mandate)
  • Final report on the reasons for non-recovery with legal opinion

Processing time within 90 days


It is the indicated step for the most difficult credits, with aging over 24 months. The debtors are further warned by a legal letter of formal notice. PRE-LEGAL is preliminary to the possible start of the judicial phase. The documents are prepared with the help of the internal law firm.

The activity is carried out as follows:

  • Information report (DOSSIER PRE-LEGAL)
  • Letter of formal notice signed by a lawyer within EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION
  • Payment notice by PEC signed by a lawyer within EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION
  • Payment warning with delivery by the judicial officer (optional to the previous one and at the request of the client)
  • Final report on the reasons for the non-recovery with legal opinion on the prosecution of the action in court
  • Possible declaration of insolvency for irrecoverable credits
  • Legal assistance in the event of a transaction with the writing of a private agreement, usable for the purpose of obtaining an immediate executive decree

Processing time within 90 days

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