Credit Recovery? Only if efficient and effective

Credit Recovery?
Only if efficient and effective as the one proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION

The simplest procedure to recover a credit is, in principle, the out-of-court credit recovery in outsourcing.

It is usually more convenient to recover debts as a result of an out-of-court agreement between the parties, rather than activating a long, tortuous, and often costly legal action.

In any case, it is never convenient to resort to judicial debt collection, without first having at least attempted out-of-court settlements.

Out-of-court debt collection allows you to agree a repayment plan with the debtor, through incisive, efficient and effective action, through direct contacts with the debtor by specialized companies.

The extrajudicial recovery activity proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is planned with a series of interventions structured according to different variables such as seniority and nature of the credit, amount and resistance opposed by debtors to comply with their obligations.

Extrajudicial debt collection includes various activities, among the most effective is the payment reminder, both written and by telephone.

The payment request ensures immediacy in contacts and speed in choosing the most suitable solution to recover the claimed credit.

Professionalism, timeliness and above all the use of highly qualified personnel, characterized by an up-to-date juridical and accounting formation, allow EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION to achieve high performance in terms of credit recovery and credit management.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, in addition to accessing public information databases, is in possession of a regular Public Security License and has an internal Legal Department, to obtain wide-ranging news about the availability and the economic / financial conditions of the debtor .

The EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION section dedicated to Phone Collection also has a consolidated experience in the delicate field of debt collection and avails itself of cutting-edge and continuously updated technological infrastructures.

The credit recovery service proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION can be customized according to the type of credit claimed and the procedures shared with the client creditor.

An efficient and effective credit recovery activity is followed by a greater number of returns

Unpaid credits, if not managed promptly and correctly, can damage corporate financial stability, can affect cash flows, turnover, commercial reliability and even reputation. An effective credit management strategy is essential for dealing with and overcoming the problem.

Debt collection is a delicate and complex activity, so much so that it is always preferable to act quickly and with the help of a qualified and competent partner.

The EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION approach is the result of many years of experience in the sensitive sector.

The objective that EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, Credit Management section, sets itself is to obtain the balance of the credit claimed, as quickly as possible, without prejudice to any relationship with the debtor.

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