TOP ANALYSIS BLITZ, delivered in a maximum of one working day, is the fastest response provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION to any need for in-depth, pre-trust analysis.

TOP ANALYSIS BLITZ is among the most requested reports of the FIDO DEEPENED LINE, provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, an established commercial information company, in possession of a regular public safety license and therefore authorized to collect and prepare economic information, both for natural persons than legal persons.

The TOP ANALYSIS BLITZ report includes the following contents:

  • Official Data – Legal Data (name, VAT number, tax code);
  • Credit analysis with graph (determination of commercial credit line, with indication of risk and rating);
  • Business activity, with assessment;
  • List of members and members;
  • Companies related to representatives;
  • Investments in other companies;
  • Protests and prejudices (foreclosures, mortgages and seizures);
  • Possible insolvency procedures (bankruptcies, agreements, etc.);
  • National land register;
  • Financial and economic analysis;
  • Financial data (turnover, operating result);
  • Last three full financial statements available, with graphs of the main indices;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Reliability degree analysis;
  • Average amount of custody;
  • Possible accident statistics;
  • Any rumors, press reports and relevant evidence.


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