The information is not all the same

The information is not all the same

Why isn’t the information all the same?

Today, companies build with their traditional interlocutors – suppliers, customers, employees, consultants, prospects – a relationship that goes beyond the merely negotiating aspect, according to a broad partnership approach.

Gradually, but in a radical way, the business practices have changed, also thanks to the use of new innovative technologies, which allow an ever greater sharing, even at a distance, of data, information and activities.

New, great opportunities are born and with them, insidious threats: the company opens up to the surrounding world and becomes more vulnerable.

Today there is a simple and effective way to defend companies from threats to their corporate assets, to their business, to collections, to confidential information, to the ability to make profit: the services of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION.

Unique in its kind for defining its range of action and its multi-faceted identity, EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is the ideal answer to the need to safeguard and grow the company.

The quality of the choices of an entrepreneur and / or a professional depends on the QUALITY of the information in his possession, which are the basis for a correct evaluation

This is why Commercial Information is of fundamental importance, but Public Data and Commercial Information are not always the same thing.

The Commercial Information gives meaning to the Public Data which, if isolated, that is out of context, would not allow to be evaluated with the right weight.

the Information is not all the same

The Business Information is born from the collection, the elaboration, the evaluation and the analysis through estimates of economic, financial, credit, patrimonial, industrial, productive, entrepreneurial and professional data. However, the contextualization of the data remains fundamental.

Unqualified information can be misleading, harmful, increasing the risk of insolvencies up to ten times, because they can easily guide entrepreneurial choices in wrong directions.

The information provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, in possession of a regular Public Safety License, is reliable and personalized, complete, always updated and contextualized, the result of real investigations.

This is why the information reports of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION allow entrepreneurs and professionals to make the right decision and effectively protect the business of those who use them regularly.

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