MY INFORMATION is a new way, proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION through a practical information platform, to make YOUR business information. MY INFORMATION is the result of an operating method that allows YOU to choose both the contents, and the level of detail, of YOUR informative report, built on the basis of YOUR real information needs.
MY INFORMATION is YOUR information.

Your personalized business information


MY INFORMATION has an intelligent modular system that makes all the modules contained in an informative report available to the user, as in a showcase, giving the possibility to decide what to buy and how much to spend. Through MY INFORMATION, the system proposes a series of modules divided into two categories allowing the user to customize the contents of his own commercial information.

The advantages of MY INFORMATION are so many

Some advantages of MY INFORMATION listed by way of example and not exhaustive:

  • Choose only the contents of the informative report only if of your real interest – The information becomes tailor-made
  • Content can be customized – created only for you
  • Optimize spending – Cost savings
  • You can choose the profiles of the differentiated information report for corporations and partnerships – Optimize your choices
  • You can activate MONITORING even after the report is processed – Constant updating