An updated and reliable information is essential to start a business relationship, but the certainty of monitoring its progress over time is essential for the good continuation of business relationships and for the tranquility of those who must make important decisions. The MONITORING information services provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION integrate the commercial information services in a dynamic way in order to control over time the evaluation originally expressed on the position, during the evasion phase of the report. Diverse solutions are available according to customer characteristics. MONITORING service is an information that allows you to know if a company that is commercially reliable today will also be tomorrow.

The EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION Gold Monitoring service allows you to keep a customer’s business reliability under constant control. All official data and all the possible variations in risk are continually monitored following unofficial information collected by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION as part of the activities for the preparation of both pre and post trade information. A mail will notify you immediately of the change and on the monitoring area you will find all the details with a location history always available to you.

The Silver Monitoring information service is a sentinel service ready to alert you to the first negative event. Thanks to Silver Monitoring, provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, the companies of your interest and the subjects connected to them are constantly monitored, so that you will be immediately alerted for any negative event that should occur. Protests, prejudicial and possible bankruptcy proceedings will be immediately communicated to you by email. In the monitoring area at your disposal you can request the update of the report to know all the details of the changes occurred.