Market Intelligence: what it is and how it works

Market Intelligence: what it is and how it works

Market Intelligence means the activity of information and updating not only of one’s business, but also of competitors and prospects.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION offers a valuable Market Intelligence tool aimed not only at collecting information on the market, but also at analyzing each business model and its future projections.

Market Intelligence, unlike Business Intelligence, is more specific for each individual market and focuses on particular classes of customers, to the point of distinguishing them by geographical origin and demographic.

Knowing your reference market well is an essential factor in being able to do strategic planning in the areas most rich in opportunities for your business.

This is why DATARAMA was born, a solution available online, designed to analyze its market and support companies in the construction and implementation of their marketing strategies.

DATARAMA allows real-time analysis of 100% of Italian companies by making available:

  • Market Analysis: an analysis of the distribution of companies in their reference market, according to variables such as activity, geographical distribution, number of employees, turnover, share capital, legal nature …
  • Portfolio Distribution: an in-depth analysis of its customer base, according to the variables available in the market analysis and which allows an overall view of its reference market
  • Potential Market Analysis: starting from the characteristics of its acquired customers, DATARAMA allows to identify prospects with the characteristics most similar to those of their own portfolio and to segment company lists according to some analysis dimensions: sector, geographical distribution, legal form, employees, revenue.

DATARAMA is the key tool for all companies that want to grow and consolidate their portfolio in their target market in a healthy way, through an innovative, simple and intuitive platform.

Thanks to DATARAMA it is possible to create new business opportunities, easily identifying new customers that are reliable and perfectly targeted.

The analysis of the customer portfolio also allows us to maintain control over our business and to check the current reference target.

DATARAMA allows you to define optimal marketing strategies for the manned business sector and to identify new customer targets.

The analysis of DATARAMA is completed by the possibility of extracting online information reports integrated on the companies, with data extracted from nature and heterogeneous sources:

  • business register
  • protests
  • balance sheets
  • real estate register
  • extraordinary layoff fund
  • political offices

The application of Market Intelligence bases its functionality on a database with a consistency of approximately 8 million registries and 22 million entrepreneurs, members and administrators, with constant updating.

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