IRIDE (Insolvency Risk Determination) is the first community for the credit security of companies operating in the agri-food sector. A unique and irreplaceable tool for the healthy growth of your company, IRIDE is nourished and is based on the information provided by you and by other operators in the agri-food sector. Data is then shared and thus more and more refined informational relationships are built between those who work in the agri-food sector.

IRIDE allows all participants to anonymously send reports about
bad payers and to consult the position of an entrepreneur or a business


Who can do one
all participants in the
IRIDE network. Who can it be
any entrepreneur
or company that has
provoked a failure
payment in
last 5 years.

How to make one
– download the excel file
for reporting;
– compile the excel file
with all the
information required;
– load the excel file
on the platform.

All reports are



IRIDE collects every report and
processes data on
companies and on

connects each company a
all members and each
entrepreneur to others
any activities in which
he’s involved.

IRIDE builds this way
a complete identikit
of each profile, thanks to
all reports
received from
participants of the

Just a few clicks per
get exclusive credit information.


Each registered at
community can
enter the name of a
entrepreneur or
a business and receive
a complete report of
all reports
anonymous and elaborate
from the platform.

In this way, it can
– if it has already been
reported as
bad payer;

– how many reports
received as
bad payer;

– when they date back
the episodes of

A community, many advantages

The information yes
builds thanks to
contribution of all,
why are i
participants to report
anonymously i
bad payers with whom
they worked.

IRIDE is the first
platform that creates
identikit on individuals
profiles, processing the data
on the different ones
reports and on all
entrepreneurial activities
connected to each

Each member of IRIDE
can know immediately
the commercial reliability of a
potential partner,
customer or supplier,
thus reducing the risk
of insolvencies.

IRIDE: a community
many advantages.

Just a few clicks
to send data
of a bad payer
and to request
a complete report.

All information
sent and obtained
they are protected
by anonymity.