Founded in 2016, the first community for credit security, IRIDE (acronym of Insolvency Risk Determination) is three years old.

The successful platform was created thanks to the support of some important companies in the agri-food sector and allows to share reports on bad payers and to consult the degree of commercial reliability of entrepreneurs and companies.

IRIDE provides a database of companies and individuals from which users have suffered losses on credits, in the face of insolvency, bankruptcy and / or other procedures. IRIDE is a platform aimed exclusively at companies belonging to the agri-food and / or beverage sector.

IRIDE is the solution for entrepreneurs and credit managers of food production and distribution companies, which every day are concerned with the reliance on new and old customers and are not satisfied with the commercial information provided by traditional information systems.

IRIDE is the only know-how sharing community that reduces the risk of insolvency and allows better understanding of potential customers in the agri-food sector.

Unlike other solutions based only on public data, IRIDE is based on the information provided by the same operators in the agri-food sector, putting them on a common basis and building increasingly detailed and truthful information reports.

IRIDE, after three years from its creation, maintains the following characteristics of uniqueness:

  • Unmask the insolvent subjects hidden behind new commercial activities, through the construction and tracking of an entrepreneurial curriculum and the analysis of previous positions held in other companies.
  • Access to a network of confidential and unofficial information otherwise unattainable.
  • Community that aggregates the operators of the agri-food sector and allows them to share negative commercial experiences.

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