For the agri-food sector, one of the best news with which 2016 opens is the birth of IRIDE, the new technological platform that puts companies online so they can collaborate to share information on the creditworthiness of companies.

IRIDE’s objective is to enable each company to have detailed information on the profile of an entrepreneur or company, before it becomes a new customer, partner and supplier.

The solution is offered through IRIDE, a technological platform that gathers all reports on bad payers. It is precisely the activities that operate in the agri-food sector, in fact, that can signal customers who have not respected the payment times, indicating with precision figures, times and methods with which they have become insolvent.

With IRIDE the union is strength and the agri-food companies have the opportunity to form a real community, united by the objective of making the entire sector healthier and safer, increasing the level of credit security in real time for the companies operating in the agri-food sector.

IRIDE does not limit itself to making the information collected available, because the added value of IRIDE is the processing of these data. Starting from each company reported anonymously, in fact, the members present in the organization chart are identified and in turn connected to any other companies to which they belong.

The great advantage of IRIDE becomes particularly evident when a company interrogates the platform to evaluate a new contract. Searching for the name of a natural person, for example, can know if he has received reports, how many, how long and for what numbers the entrepreneur is insolvent. Even looking for the name of an activity you can receive all this information and others, because you can find out even if the members have received reports, perhaps for other companies or business activities in which they have participated, even in the past.

IRIDE is therefore a collaborative network, complex in the elaboration of the data and simple in the consultation, which allows to have all the necessary information before facing a new investment, a new contract or a new partnership.

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