The economic crisis of the last period has led companies to evaluate with a broader view some aspects related to the risk of insolvency, resorting more and more to Business Information.

There is no entrepreneur who is not aware of the fact that whenever he grants a supply of goods and / or services, with deferred payment, he runs the risk of non-payment: the credit risk.

The support of a valid supplier of targeted informative reports, able to propose the best solutions, possibly tailor made, becomes fundamental. Indeed, sound credit management is essential to guarantee the financial soundness of each company, and the use of Business Information has always been one of the most effective forms of protection of corporate assets.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, an established pre-trust commercial information company, in possession of a regular Prefectural License pursuant to art. 134 T.U.L.P.S., offers companies, entrepreneurs and credit managers, all information services aimed at an effective and efficient evaluation and monitoring of the commercial solvency of their customers, partners and suppliers, guaranteeing constant support in credit risk management.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION operates throughout the entire territory and its information services contribute to:

protect the company:
preventing and minimizing the risk of customer insolvency
increase sales:
facilitating access to new markets
increasing the activity
improve the Customer Portfolio:
analyzing the Customer Portfolio and identifying any critical issues
continuously monitoring every single customer

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION provides valuable aggregated reports, commercial information from public sources, investigated commercial information.

The information platform of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION can be used by every natural person and Italian legal person and / or other 123 foreign countries.

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