There is no sector in Italy that has not been affected by the economic crisis of recent years, but that HoReCa, according to the experts, seems to have been particularly involved, perhaps also because of the vast and differentiated market that it covers, including Hotel, Restaurants and all Catering operators (Bars, Cafeterias, Ice-cream shops, Clubs, etc.).

In a hypothetical Food & Beverage chain (food macro-sector, production / distribution), for example, it is possible to start from farmers and breeders, to go to the food industry, to wholesalers, and end up with retail traders. In fact, companies in the Food & Beverage sector rarely have a direct channel with consumers, with whom they interact through intermediaries.

In a hypothetical customer portfolio of companies in the food sector, the largest percentage is that belonging to the HoReCa sector, which today is composed of over 400,000 companies, of which about 330,000 are Individual Enterprises, with an annual turnover of around 80 billion euros.

In addition to being the most numerous B2C category in the food sector, if payment terms are analyzed, it is possible to deduce that, unfortunately, the HoReCA companies are also those that encounter the greatest difficulties within the food sector. In fact, by contrasting the HoReCa sector with the other sectors of the sector, the most recent statistics affirm that as many as 24.9% of operators pay over 30 days later than the agreed deadline, compared to 14% for wholesale food and food 16.9% of the wholesale trade in Beverage.

Alongside the HoReCa companies, in these ominous statistics, there is the retail trade, with 21.8%, and the large-scale retail trade with 17.9% of companies used for late payments.

In this economic context, the insufficient liquidity of a sector is inexorably reflected in those in the supply chain upstream, so it is precisely the food producers and distributors who enter into liquidity deficits and find problems, with all the consequences, of unpaid debts.

For these reasons, credit management for companies in the HoReCa sector is particularly complex and requires different tools, from preventive analysis on the financial and economic reliability of potential customers, to credit insurance, from out-of-court credit recovery to judicial credit recovery, until the assignment of the credits that are now considered uncollectable.

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