EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, authorized by the Prefecture of Milan, provides all the main credit and asset protection services throughout the territory.

The reports of the EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION DOSSIER LINE are the result of the aggregation of data obtained from access to the official archives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Real Estate Registry, and the Protest Office.

DOSSIER TOP is the answer, in real time, to every need to obtain all the most useful public data detectable by a legal person, its representatives and shareholders, with an indication of 41 financial statement indices.

DOSSIER TOP includes the following contents:

  • Identification data (name, Registered Office);
  • Summary (legal form, date of incorporation, date of commencement of business, share capital, tax code …) with Negativity Summary;
  • Prospectus on Chamber Data;
  • Business activity;
  • Legal Data;
  • Registration to registers, roles and licenses;
  • List of directors with offices and powers;
  • List of holders of offices or qualifications;
  • Operational offices and local units;
  • Transfer of ownership or business enjoyment;
  • Protests (on business, representatives with significant offices and shareholders with at least 25% shares);
  • Insolvency Procedures;
  • Prejudices from Data Bank (foreclosures, mortgages, seizures … on business, representatives with significant offices and shareholders with shares of at least 25%);
  • Companies related to representatives;
  • List of Members;
  • Investments;
  • Full budget with 41 indices.

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