The information tools aimed at credit recovery, the result of actual targeted investigations, provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION are a valid aid for the creditor, as they allow him to intervene promptly in the denied hypothesis of unpaid debts and to carry out the most convenient actions in the matter debt collection.

The information for debt collection of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION are real investigated reports that allow to identify, for the debtor, any good (mobile and / or immovable) that can be usefully attacked, so as to constitute, for those who need credit recovery, a excellent help tool in establishing the most appropriate and convenient strategy, as well as the concrete possibilities of recovery.
Assisting the entrepreneur in deciding what to do when one of his clients is not complying with his commitments is one of the main objectives that EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, in possession of a regular Public Security License, sets itself.
In fact it is not always easy to disentangle between so much complex debt collection needs, deriving from different problems and different interlocutors.
With the Post-Fido services of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, the creditor user always identifies the right strategy for managing a dispute, avoiding to incur useless and burdensome legal costs. The commercial information for debt collection of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is modular in terms of content and costs and allows you to always choose the right level of detail, based on your needs. The Post-Fido Services of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION reach very high levels of depth.

The more information for debt collection will be updated, reliable and truthful, the higher the possibility of recovering the credit claimed, without incurring extra-legal costs and in times of biblical return.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, holding a regular Prefectural License pursuant to art. 134 T.U.L.P.S., provides all the information for credit recovery necessary for a careful management of the credit.

Know if a company is still active and in business and where it actually operates. Know if the legal representative can be found at his official registered residence or at his domicile. Know the real estate properties or the vehicle fleet owned by the company and the details of the last deposited balance sheet and any current accounts held to be attached to a third party. All this information is essential to recover a credit or to decide whether to entrust the task to your trusted Legal. The Post-Fido information provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION has the maximum possible depth and guarantees a fundamental support for your decisions, including in the area of debt collection.

Track down a debtor at the registered address or domicile address, know his work and income situation or real estate and registered vehicles, to foreclose with third parties. All fundamental information if there is a credit to be recovered and that EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION manages to provide to the creditor, or its trusted lawyer, with the utmost reliability in the various Post-Fido information reports available.

In cases where a loan is doubtful or non-performing, the outcome of any debt collection action may depend very much on the timeliness of the debt collection company’s intervention, but also on the quality and reliability of the contents of the commercial information for used credit recovery.

All the information of the Territorial Agency, both concerning the Cadastre and the Real Estate Registry, is available on the online portal of EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION. Thanks to the invaluable intervention of a highly specialized visurist, it is also possible to request a property inspection with consistency, with the evidence of any possible burden.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, a commercial information company authorized by the Prefecture with a regular Public Safety License, provides its users with an up-to-date service of property surveys, land registry registration forms, mortgage and land registry documents, with research throughout the Italian national territory.

The tracing of headed vehicles can be carried out starting from the tax code of the name, for which all vehicles owned and / or leased are identified. It is also possible to carry out a search through the vehicle registration plate, also detecting any burdens on the movable property. With the investigated information service to track vehicles belonging to a debtor (natural person or legal person), with a search by name, the creditor identifies all the movable assets held by the debtor and registered at P.R.A. (Public vehicle registration). EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION, against a legally relevant right, such as the need to recover a credit, provides a list of all vehicles registered to a natural person or a company.