Credit Management

In the current market scenario, increasingly characterized by a competitive context, acquiring new business or making agreements with partners without thoroughly knowing their commercial reliability, the degree of stability of their economic and financial situation, can be extremely damaging.

The need to rely on selected outsourced Credit Management activities is increasingly urgent.

Today, Italian companies find themselves operating in an economic reality in which access to credit is increasingly complicated and the risk of increasingly high commercial insolvencies.

Credit management has become, in recent times, even more difficult and complex for companies

A careful analysis of the economic patrimonial condition of its stakeholders (from customers, suppliers, strategic partners) can be of help to companies to significantly reduce the risk of unpaid debts.

Evaluating the commercial reliability of a partner and knowing the financial soundness of a customer or a supplier is of fundamental importance to best protect their activities and profit margins, from potential risks of fraud, bankruptcy or serious insolvencies.

The commercial information provided by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION makes a decisive contribution to the transparency of the market, providing interested parties with the necessary elements to assess the risks faced in commercial relations.

Preventive activity is not always sufficient. This is why EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION simultaneously offers an out-of-court debt collection service for outstanding claims.

The perspective of the Credit Management activities proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is to eliminate the time expenditure of the creditor’s internal staff and to preserve customer-debtor relations in the best possible way.

The Credit Management activity proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is carried out with the utmost rigor permitted by current legislation.

The punctual Credit Management service proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION foresees the set of activities aimed at stimulating the debtor to settle his / her debts in an amicable manner. Appointed professionals establish negotiations with the debtor, keeping the creditor constantly updated and paying particular attention to the existing commercial relationships between the parties.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION aims at maximizing the result and controlling the expenditure budget connected to the Credit Management activity.

EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION uses a tried and tested procedure structured in several phases that has the primary purpose of obtaining the spontaneous fulfillment of the debtor avoiding the establishment of the judicial recovery procedure.EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION offers complete assistance from the early stages of the extrajudicial recovery procedure (written solicitations and phone collection) up to the complete judicial phase.

The personnel in charge of the recovery activity are personnel within the corporate structure, highly trained and specialized and assisted by legal staff.

The Credit Management activity proposed by EUROCREDIT BUSINESS INFORMATION is modulated based on the indications and objectives of the principal.